Cocksox Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Jet Black Sm –

Cocksox Enhancing Pouch Slingshot Jet Black Sm

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Take the unique pouch from Cocksox underwear, hang it on a length of skimpy binding and get your freak on! The Cocksox Underwear Slingshot is the closest thing to getting around with nothing but a sock on your cock.<br /><br />These are awesome to wear under your every day clothes to the office, the gym, wherever you want to feel way sexy while you are out and about. And, the fine lines of the Cocksox Underwear Slingshot make them ideal as a tanner! Original Pouch Style the most enhancing and uplifting of the Cocksox pouch designs.<br /><br /> Fabric 92% Supplex, 8% Lycra. Color Jet Black. Men size small. Waist 28 inches to 30 inches.

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